Month: June 2020

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Grooving with Brightside Blue: The Remixes on Jumpsuit Records

Ooh, what’s this? Originally dropped separately, these five smooth tracks on Jumpsuit Records (of The Polish Ambassador fame and leadership), feature lush psybass producer Entheo and one of our all-time favorites Erothyme. We think this is both of their first release on Jumpsuit Records. We also have Jumpsuit regular Scott Nice who always gives sweet and reliably refreshing music. we don’t know much about Dropical and Spends Quality, but we enjoyed all 5 tracks so we hope to hear more from these two!

The original ‘Between Worlds’ from Brightside Blue, a duo comprised of Lindsay Bellows and Ananda Vaughn, has released two EPs beginning in Spring 2017. “Equal parts groove and melody, their songs keep audiences delightfully engaged — tapping feet, singing along, and basking in the love for life that radiates from this couple. Ananda and Lindsay are storytellers, sprit callers, and songhealers on a mission to open a field of magic through music in which anything is possible. Sometimes bluesy and rocking, sometimes soft and ethereal, the sounds never fail to provide us with powerful medicine for the moment.” More info on Brightside Blue:

We super dig everything we’ve hear from California-based EMOG, psybass producer up-and-comer. We lack new psybass names in the game…