Connections by Dubtazer

We love the tribal and integrated beats in this one that moves us without mind, that elevates up without the need for substance high. Dubtazer is Or Raveh. A Downtempo musical creator from Israel. Dubtazer’s music is influenced by the sounds, melodies and rhythms of of the Middle East mixed with heavy bass action. In Dubtazer’s live performance he is often accompanied by guest musicians and uses analog gear to integrate them into dub style.

When he is not performing or producing, Or Raveh keeps busy as a core band member of anna RF.

Released October 10, 2019

Jamilah Harman – Vocals on Vio Gitano
Sensitiva – Guitar / composition on Downtown Haifa
Netanel Lesser – Oud on Santurya
Mastering : Audible Oddities
Artwork : Avihay Haim & Opher Krystal

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