“Light Codes” by Stratusphere out now on Desert Trax

Jacob Paskus has positioned himself at the confluence of style and substance. Long a support of Desert Trax and its artists, Atlanta’s Stratusphere makes his label debut with a poignant fusion of lush, warm grooves and chilled out, downtempo arrangements. Light Codes is the culmination of years of honing his sound, and the result is breathtaking.

Opening with the hauntingly beautiful “Left Unsaid” and running through epic symphonies of rich, harmonic tapestries in “When The Lotus Blossomed,” “Treetures,” and “Within Reach,” Paskus reaches the climax of the EP with the title track, which is the most vigorous and energetic of the collection; a natural peak of the emotional climb.

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Released June 8, 2018 on Desert Trax.

Desert Trax was founded by the Desert Dwellers (Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe) in 2005 with the ethos of “Music Beyond Borders.” The Desert Trax catalog spans over 70 releases with artists such as Desert Dwellers, Drumspyder, Deya Dova, Living Light, Kaminanda, Liquid Bloom, HÄANA, Shaman’s Dream, Temple Step Project, Variant Field, Wolf Tech, Martins Garden, Luke Mandala, Mose Robert & others.


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