More Merkaba worldbeat goodness: TREEBOGA

Roi Brosh & Gabriel Kimchi had the intuition to create a musical project inspired by the sounds of natural elements and world tribal ceremonies. These rituals are accompanied by music and spiritual dance, creating a connection between humans, the spirit and the Earth.

They realized that they could combine all these elements and thus were born two faces of a otherworldy entity, TREE is the nature, animals and rhythms of the Earth, IBOGA is the spiritual trance, the psychedelics and hallucinogens that the ancient tribes used to connect with their ancestors for channeling and healing.

TREEBOGA brings in their Merkaba Music debut album a ritualistic atmosphere rich in organic instruments and percussions, and at the same time, drawing a futuristic setting with modern electronic synthesizers. Chants and didgeridoos show their roots in deeper layers and invite us to feel the strength and wisdom that our ancestors have to inspire us to find the truth.

Check it out and have a high trip! ?โœจ

01 – Treeboga – The Lost Ceremony 0:14
02 – Treeboga – Medative Forest People 9:19
03 – Treeboga – Gnawazonas 18:43
04 – Treeboga – Sambujera 28:13
05 – Treeboga, Eran Zamir – Shaman Jamming With Alien 36:15
06 – Treeboga – Haduk in the Boosh 45:14
07 – Treeboga – Moon Ceremony Part 1 55:17
08 – Treeboga – Moon Ceremony Part 2 1:01:55

Coverart: MantisVision Art & Design
Mix & Mastering: Leon Galperin

When we stop for a moment and think about the sources of music, What were the first sounds on Earth? And from what instruments we play, we immediately remember the sounds of birds and animals. About the sobbing of the water and the wind blowing through the tall trees. The sound of the fire ember and the first tribes who lived on the land throughout the earth and performed ceremonies accompanied by music and spiritual dance and trance that creates a connection between man and spirit and earth. After we asked ourselves this question, we realized that the area of music to which we are most connected is music that combines all these elements. Music that brings the sounds of nature the way they are. And the moments from the rituals of the world tribes that brought rhythm, dance, poetry, and spiritual trance and all the root sounds which we mix processors and combine with the sounds of today’s synthetical electronic with influences from our favorite music we realized that we are TREEBOGA!


TREE is the word that attaches importance to the sounds of nature, animals, rhythms of the earth, and tribal rituals

IBOGA This is the word that attaches importance to the spiritual trance, to Psychedelic and the hallucinogens that the tribal elders used to connect with the tribal spirits for channeling and healing

Live band that combines tribal and electric music. Treeboga is a 2 man band with great love for uplifting beats of world music with strong influence from the psychedelic electronic music.

The first part of Treeboga is Gabriel (Gabi) Kimchy, very talented didgeridoo player that got to the final of the world freestyle dig championship, right after taking the local title in Israel. Gabi is also known as DJ ABORIGIMAN, a musical producer that played with the biggest names in the world such as Higelight tribe, A.D.H.Didge, Sound & spirit , Akot , Dendrobeat.

The second part is Roy Brosh, a great drummer that brings north African beats, the vibe of ganawa music from morocco and many more influences from the tribal music world. Roy had played with some of the biggest bands in the world including Ozric tentacles, Muza project and many more.

After years of working separately the two joined forces, and after many many hours in the studio they managed to create an amazing show of music that is build on the essence of their soul.

The music brings the sounds of nature as is, ceremonial moments of tribes from around the world, the rhythm and the dancing, the singing and the spiritual trance. The root sounds they are processing and connecting with the electronic effects and sounds and by that creating hypnotizing, rich and unique atmosphere of long and deep, yet very groovy tribal journey.

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