Navigatorz release Trip Hop EP feat. Maya Elise

We always love live sets from Denver-based producers Vinja and SortofVague. These two are notorious for their textured phrase-based scratching styles, expressive melodies, and their unique drum patterns. This swagger-laden energy comes from years of experience on the stage and deep in their respective creative lairs. Together, they play as Navigatorz, a rowdy and energetic DJ duo with an ear for timeless dance vibes and satisfyingly melodic tracks. The group last week released a new EP, Character, a four track EP that features a Mystic State and DJ MADD remix of their title track. The jazzy and soulful vocal track, β€œCharacter”, has an explorative dubstep backbone and a covid inspired background. For those of us catching a glimpse of its creation throughout the summer, this is a much anticipated release. Not only was the track played at multiple shows and festivals this year but was featured at the end of Navigatorz Observatory Mixtape in 2020.

Featuring vocalist Maya Elise, an exciting choice for her unique style, control, and stunning tone, the track has a perfect combination of cadence and texture with modern accents of electronica. Reminiscent of jazz singers like Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald, her notes travel and change with passion and at times angst. Maya creates a painted image of sound for her audience to decipher.

Played at only the most propitious times this summer, eager fans have unknowingly bared witness to bits and pieces of sound creation. Characters opens with lasers cascading through open air with a simple cymbal. Within moments the track quickly accelerates, filling the space with an uplifting-soulful pace and bouncing drum patterns. Accompanied by Maya’s angelic echoing lyrics, the sensuous melody and intoxicating vocals brings us into a place both sexy and mysterious.

Inquisitive and excited, The Rust Music spoke briefly with Sam and Maya about their time working on this track and their inspirations. Read the Full INTERVIEW from THE RUST MUSIC: Navigatorz and Maya Elise mingle talents in Characters β€” The Rust (

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