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emixes of each track from Erothyme’s 2020 album Steep Dreams! Cover art based on “Mountain Moon” by Emily Kell…

Mindspring Music presents: Kri Samadhi & EarthCry – Motion Potion: Remixed [MSM096] We have some fresh remixes bubbling up from…

Erothyme’s new colorful album ‘Along the Arc’

((music by))
—> Bobby West / Erothyme

((guest vocalists))
—> Erin Dougherty / Little Star
—> Shiva Cantaloupe

((mastered by))
—> Anthony Thogmartin / EarthCry

((cover art))
—> Derek Carpenter / Art of One
“Dawn of Transcendental Jubilance”

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5 remixes of the Erothyme track Silent Orbservers, from Answers are Questions (2017) “Dedicated to all the orbs out there.”…