Tipper: he gives us the music

After 19 months since UK maestro-phenomenon Dave Tipper released an official EP with ‘Lattice,’ Dave at long last gave fans a full digital album full of 12 tracks he had been playing as far back as 2017 with this May release, ‘Jettison Mind Hatch.’ In the past year alone, Dave Tipper has had an impressive roster of live performances that include his own curated events: Astral Lights (festival outside of St. Louis at Astral Valley MO), three nights as the first-ever electronic production at the historic King’s Theater in Brooklyn over Thanksgiving (‘Tipsgiving’), Coalesce NYE in San Francisco, Tipper & Friends at Suwanee FL in February, and one of his few ever recent “opening” stints reciprocating for Simon Posford for the final Shpongle Live farewell spectacle at Red Rocks May 3rd in his home range of Denver.

The love for this album runs deep with his followers, and we often see people posting on social media about how they either either chasing a song, crowdsourcing to ask for video of a song, or asking the ID of a song where they have a video clip. Since this huge digital release May 15th we’ve seen many, ourselves included, who feel emotional pings as we recall one of the songs on Jettison Mind Hatch played live and it evokes a particular memory or setting… where we were, who we were with, and the lovely environment and state of mind we were in at the time. Tipper events are magical and special times for these fans! Needless to say, we and so many are over the moon to have the full and official album that was so mysteriously kept as “live-listening only” for near to two years, at our fingertips,ย  able to be listened to at our leisure from the comfort and convenience of our own speakersystems. For some time now we have been thrilled simply to see a high quality clip from one of these tunes shared to a forum (thanks, iPhone users)….. but not only were these usually either incomplete, mixed with another song, and a still-subpar audio recording, but you never knew if you’d hear a “yo dude do you want some of this orange” or whatever else comes out the mouths from nearby crowd banter. (We suppose that brings the songs to life, too.)

With this awaited and relatively still a “surprise” release, we’re thrilled to have a full and complete set of songs that we can now access anytime in clear and crisp quality, to the satisfaction of how Dave would want it orchestrated and mastered through his own studio craft.

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