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oJae – Memory EP AMBIENT

Australian artist oJae steps outside of mind and body with an impressive ambient and deep downtempo journey. Dive into an audio abyss within the “Memory EP” and look inward to vast caverns washed in reverb and chilled out hypnotic rhythms. Regardless if your eyes are closed or open the vision is the same, oJae constructs a delicate faberge egg of sound trickling with edits and glitches in just the right dosage.

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New Quarantine Album from Simon Posford of Shpongle & Hallucinogen

We dug this review of by Jared Skolnick on Simon Posford of both Shpongle and Hallucinogen (psytrance) fame, released a reflective and downtempo, ambient soundtrack in isolation during this time of quarantine. After the final Shpongle Live Band at Red Rocks May 4-5th, 2019, Simon has played shows in select hot spots around the country pre-quarantine, and we assume there is more music in the future for Shpongle… but this release is something remotely different.

His 10 new tracks don’t belong under either the Shpongle or psytrance project Hallucinogen monikers, so he released them under his very own name. With song titles like “Lockdown,” “The Hobbyist,” and “Wish You Weren’t Here,” we think we understand the type of environment Simon endured during this album’s production. Sure can feel these sounds. Listen to Flux & Contemplation: Portrait of an Artist in Contemplation below.

Grooving with Brightside Blue: The Remixes on Jumpsuit Records

Ooh, what’s this? Originally dropped separately, these five smooth tracks on Jumpsuit Records (of The Polish Ambassador fame and leadership), feature lush psybass producer Entheo and one of our all-time favorites Erothyme. We think this is both of their first release on Jumpsuit Records. We also have Jumpsuit regular Scott Nice who always gives sweet and reliably refreshing music. we don’t know much about Dropical and Spends Quality, but we enjoyed all 5 tracks so we hope to hear more from these two!

The original ‘Between Worlds’ from Brightside Blue, a duo comprised of Lindsay Bellows and Ananda Vaughn, has released two EPs beginning in Spring 2017. “Equal parts groove and melody, their songs keep audiences delightfully engaged — tapping feet, singing along, and basking in the love for life that radiates from this couple. Ananda and Lindsay are storytellers, sprit callers, and songhealers on a mission to open a field of magic through music in which anything is possible. Sometimes bluesy and rocking, sometimes soft and ethereal, the sounds never fail to provide us with powerful medicine for the moment.” More info on Brightside Blue:

Mumukshu sends more drippy squish bass

We love the drippy and intense beats Mumukshu has always offered. Carving from hardcore bass design, he twists and maneuvers sounds and molds them into a clay note… still wet and freshly finished.


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Detox Unit – Deviate is ON TRACK for next level beats

Yum. Released June 27th, 2019, following an amazing main stage set at Sonic Bloom festival at Hummingbird Ranch, CO… and a renegate breakbeat set in the yoga dome late night unannounced that was a crowd favorite for those who were lucky to be there. His main stage set was arguably one of the best of the weekend amongst many, many talented artists and producers, showing that he is taking his bass-bending skills to another level with some musical form into the breaking-beat madness. Why yes, I’ll have some more music with my bass music, please…

Hot Crunchy global dub jamz with Sons of Arqa

Source: Bandcamp Daily

Suns of Arqa’s 1980 album Revenge of the Mozabites sounds like it came from a future without borders. Indian tabla, Celtic strings, flamenco guitars, and pounding dub basslines reverberate throughout the album—the sound of cultures and nations colliding and their music intermingling.

“I was steeped in reggae, but then I heard the music of the great sitar player Vilayat Khan and it turned me onto Indian classical music,” says Suns of Arqa founder Michael Wadada. Wadada’s music career began in Manchester, U.K., during the creative torrent of post-punk that produced other globally-minded bands like The Pop Group and PiL. Eventually, Wadada began exploring the intersection of Jamaican dub and Indian classical music with his friend Adrian Sherwood, who would later launch the legendary On-U label. In 1978, Wadada formed Suns of Arqa; two years later, the group released Revenge of the Mozabites, which was mixed by Sherwood and featured members of cult On-U band The Mothmen playing alongside various Indian masters. The album was years ahead of its time, and its East-West, dub/ambient fusion would go on to influence everyone from Temple of Sound and Transglobal Underground, to Zion Train and Afro Celt Sound System.

The group found a natural home at the WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) festival, when founder Peter Gabriel came across a copy of Revenge of the Mozabites. Held in 1982 at Shepton Mallet in Somerset, U.K., the eclectic line-up for the inaugural edition of WOMAD included jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, Indian sitar player Imrat Khan, The Drummers of Burundi, Indian violinist L. Shankar, and Echo & the Bunnymen. It was the perfect setting for Wadada’s cross-cultural fusion. “That really was a fantastic festival, as there really hadn’t been anything like it before,” says Wadada. “Collaborations were happening all the time. It was exciting.”

The festival also allowed Suns of Arqa to reach beyond the small band of followers who had discovered the group because of their On-U Sound connection, and gradually, their international influence grew. “We ended up on the same scene as bands like Transglobal Underground, and other groups that all came around 10 years after us,” says Wadada.

Suns of Arqa have continued to push the boundaries of global dub fusion, whether through an unexpected album of Leonard Cohen covers or their forthcoming dub opera Wolf of Badenoch. “What I am most proud of is that I just keep going and have been doing it for all these years now,” says Wadada.

Listen to their album from 2013, Revenge of the Mozabites:

Erothyme’s new colorful album ‘Along the Arc’

((music by))
—> Bobby West / Erothyme

((guest vocalists))
—> Erin Dougherty / Little Star
—> Shiva Cantaloupe

((mastered by))
—> Anthony Thogmartin / EarthCry

((cover art))
—> Derek Carpenter / Art of One
“Dawn of Transcendental Jubilance”

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Musicians: Get Your GOALS Met in 2019!! Subaqueous Offering 8-Week Course

Talented producer Subaqueous is writing a free 8-week email course to help musicians with their production goals. The course will offer psychological hacks, goal setting tips, worksheets, and more.

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Deep Bass Hitter AtYya releases Renew EP

In any moment you have the choice to renew yourself. Anything is Possible.

ATYYA – pronounced [ Ah-Tie-Ah ] is the musical project of Tyy Clark. Tyy combines his boundless passion for music with an array of multi-instrumentalism from Hip Hop, Jazz to World, with 13 years of electronic music production to formulate the illustrious sound of ATYYA. The music of ATYYA features deep alluring basslines, mesmerizing percussive grooves, heart touching melodies, vast ethereal atmospheres, & raw sounds from our earth, which are synergistically breathing & merging into endlessly unfolding sonic fractals. The Primary intention of the music of ATYYA is to connect the recipient to the feeling of profound happiness, boundless love, and ecstatic celebration for the gift of life we all share.





Released Sept. 25, 2018

Get Some Glitch with the New Spundose EP

Spundose is back with ‘Envoy’; a truly alluring glitch-hop album with the ability transport listeners into a realm further out than we are. Spundose has us convinced he is a messenger for foreign-to-earth things that are created (or communicated) by layers of immaculate synthesizing. The sonic textures that bud from this New York native are funky, deep, beautiful; and undoubtedly perplexing.

Release June 5, 2018 by Street RItual