5AM Forges ahead with new EP

We’re pumped for the latest release from Philly-based 5AM, aka Sam Andrus, with Forge EP released today, (May 22nd, 2019). 5AM has been busy and carving his own new paths as of late, from his announcement as an opener for Tipper’s ‘Tipsgiving’ 3-night run in Brooklyn to many new festival announcements ranging from Washington, to Arizona, to Pennsylvania. Already in 2019 he’s played shows in Chicago (with Somatoast) and at The Black Box in Denver (with Tribone) pre-Shpongle Red Rocks weekend. He’s getting familiar with both stages at Elements Festival this weekend in PA where he’ll have a 5AM set on The Rust takeover stage as well as a 5AM Trio main stage stint — where Zonedrums and TYGRIS, his trusty drum-captain and scratch-maestro band partners, will surely deliver an energized livetronica performance. The Trio debuted their first festival appearance together in October ’18 at Beauty in the BackyardΒ in Darlington, MD but have since played a few East coast shows including recently having opened for CloZee in Philadelphia.

5AM is really stepping up and putting out his own sound, and especially after hearing “Smackdown” feat. ST4RFOX, we don’t think he’s anywhere near backing down.

Forge EP,is out today on ShadowTrix music, and it truly forges into creative musical territory — fusing bass music with jazz and hip hop… and even a psychedelic dive into the East with ‘Forge.’ It’s hard-hitting, in a really good way. We think our bass-loving friends will approve, and we know our live-music loving friends would love to get down to all this new action live…. maybe even with the full trio band, and maybe at a festival near you.

You can listen to 5AM’s Onward EP here on our website and see a clip of the Trio jamming on October 25th!

Listen to Forge EP on other platforms or download it here via ShadowTrix

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