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Visionary Shamanics is happy to present another epic psychedelically downtempo dubtastic shamanic psybass tribal multicultural psybient ethnic trip in :…

Twisted Records is pleased to announce the release of a sensational album of Shpongle remixes crafted by the newest addition…

The unmistakably spacious and rhythmic vibrations of MantisMash return to Merkaba Music in 2020’s ‘Time Seeds.’ Developed amidst a year…

Released October 22, 2020 Mastering Tracks 1-3 Domestic Mastering. Mastering Track 4 Merkaba Mastering. Cover Art: Point Zero Productions.

oJae – Memory EP AMBIENT

Australian artist oJae steps outside of mind and body with an impressive ambient and deep downtempo journey. Dive into an audio abyss within the “Memory EP” and look inward to vast caverns washed in reverb and chilled out hypnotic rhythms. Regardless if your eyes are closed or open the vision is the same, oJae constructs a delicate faberge egg of sound trickling with edits and glitches in just the right dosage.

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Mindspring Music presents: Kri Samadhi & EarthCry – Motion Potion: Remixed [MSM096] We have some fresh remixes bubbling up from…

The third and final chapter in Desert Dwellers’ genre-twisting odyssey of electro world fusion, Breath Re-Imagined Vol. 3 opens the… Released October 16, 2020 Written & Produced by J. Flynn-Oakley Mastered by Leon Smith @ Subvert Mastering Artwork by…