After nearly 5 years – NEW Skytree with ‘Infraplanetary’

We welcome Skytree’s first full album since ‘Cirrus Sapiens’ in 2014. Much like that movie or character that only appears in a certain movie, a new Skytree album brings his gift back and places a unique Skytree sound into the present. With magical tones and whimsical storytelling, emotion-laden at times and pulling natural samples from around the Earth, Evan Snyder calls on so much inspiration. He brings in collaboration with Jackson Whalan on two tunes, and funky artiste Bobby West (Erothyme), Nova Zef, and Choric Lumina on ‘Infraplanetary.’ Skytree played many of these songs mid-August along with Erothyme (from the same room) on a Twitch stream, breaking out from nearly 5 years without a live performance. We are glad to see him back with 13 new works, the song names telling of the types of deep terrestrial and somewhat supernatural inspiration from which this artist draws upon. What IS an Otolith? From where is a Telomere? J.R.R. may have originated the Silmaril, but why is a song also here so named on Infraplanetary? What is a Trovant, and what do we do with it? We must dig and search for meaning and understanding on this album. If it took Evan Snyder nearly 5 years to draw inspiration, compose, and construct these new storylines, then it might take us a little bit time ourselves to digest and recognize.

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