Astral Projections

It’s time to revisit Tipper’s amazing visuals from Fractaled Visions. If you haven’t seen these yet, these were amongst several of amazing VJ artist displays the weekend of September 28-29th at Astral Valley Art Park an hour outside of St. Louis.

This one’s from his sunrise set with “Neuron Huskie Dreamsters:”

If you want to see more projections from Tipper live sets,  here’s a FULL VIDEO from middle center that’s high quality from Suwannee Hulaween. Video shot by The Mad Hatter — Hattervision.

Here’s visuals by Digital Introspect during Detox Unit’s set:

How about KLO with Visuals from b1n4ry:

This one’s Jade Cicada @ Astral Lights, with the visuals done by Steven Haman:

Kursa with visuals from Double You:

Short Globular clip, from a first-US appearance in years (he will be revisiting Tipper & Friends 4/20 at Suwanee Music Park):

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