Balkan Circus Freak Music!!

Well, well, well, what have we here?! Step right up, today on this very fine day we have a bunch of weird circus music that’s eclectic and FREAKY… just how we like it! Have at it, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls… Enjoy the images Sallun conjures with this album freakshow; maybe of a man in a top hat on stilts riding a unicycle juggling fire, or people in animal masks wandering around in tights. Who knows what you’ll encounter with this magic caravan ride, it’s got that kind of vibe…. ?‍♂️??✨?

Released May 23, 2019

Label: Merkaba Music

Mastering: Audible Oddities
Cover Art: Bruno Café

Guest Musicians:
Eyi Noddah
Adiel k2 BeatBox
Bernardo Bittencourt

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