Hot Track: DISSOLV’s Serpent’s Return

DISSØLV was founded upon the idea that genres were meant to be transcended, and minds were meant to be dissølved. Our listeners ride through waves of hypnotic sounds; from global bass with ethno rhythms to tribal trap with gypsy violin. The two brothers, Valentin and Andre join together with the enchanting Jasmine Semjase’s tribal fusion dance to create a divine trinity of performance. Join them on the dance floor for authentic vibrations that will stimulate, elevate and DISSØLV your mind!

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Band Members
Valentin Santana – Song Writer/Producer/Live Instrumentation:
Andre Reinero – Co-Producer/Live Instrumentation
Liam Shy – Mixing & Mastering Engineer:

Album Review
Anand Harsh of The Untz

For global bass trio DISSØLV, the scene is just coming around to a sound they’ve been developing for years. Northern California’s Valentin Santana, Andre Reinero, and tribal fusion dancer Jasmine Semjase have been ahead of the curve, blending live instrumentation with exotic otherwordly sounds and a pinch of bass, and now fans are finally starting to notice.

On March 20, the three-some release Kintala on Kalya Scintilla’s Merkaba Music label. Produced with a genre-averse ear and a penchant for dance grooves, this 4-track EP comprises a great number of sounds without appearing too disjointed.

Today we premiere “Serpent’s Return,” a heavy-hitting opener for the EP, which is packed to the brim with eastern instruments and a barrel full of bass. The trio is fresh off Santa Cruz Music Festival in its hometown, and the momentum is building for this veteran act.

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