KarmasynK: Flip That EP

KarmasynK specializes in a unique flavor of Drum & Bass and halftime DnB and on Flip That, gives us a solid dose of bass to get 2018 rolling. The EP is the result of honing in his quality sound design and putting them on a bed of halftime DnB beats and throwing down some filthy neuro-funk basslines. The result is something that sounds like the characters in a dystopian future having a lot more than enough time to get down to some funky beats, regardless of the outcome.

KarmasynK is a glitch hop project by twenty one year old Los Angeles based producer Ruturaj Wankhede.
With his polished production and creative sounddesign, KarmasynK seeks to explore the unlimited scope of electronic music to bring about transcendental experiences for the listeners. Psymatiks, the debut release by KarmasynK was released on Swamp Music in January 2014 and since then he has gone on to record for Heavy Artillery, Glitch Hop Community, Street Ritual and Noise Revolt. For 2018 he has already signed tunes to the legendary C4C Recordings and Muti Music. There is no doubt that we will hear a lot more from this talented young producer.

Released January 19, 2018


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