Kaya Project’s DEFIANCE Remixes EP πŸ”₯🌏

A dive into various genres bounding around the world.
Presenting to you the first of the DEFIANCE REMIX E.P.s (there will be more?!)

Including ManMadeMan, Globular, Mandala Affect (AKA Luke Mandala), Astropilot & Tenet Audio. Encompassing everything from Ambient to Psytrance by way of Future Garage, Bass, Melodic Techno & Dubstep.

Irina Mikhailova (Ram Cycle)
Pooja Tiwari (Always Hope)
Matt Coldrick (Ram Cycle)

Ney Flute: Fatima Gozlan
Violin: Kartik Raghunathan
Guitar, Zheng, Zithers: Seb Taylor

Mastering on 1, 2 & 4 by Torin Goodnight @ Ascended Mastering.
Mastering on 3 & 5 by Dmitri Redko AKA Astropilot

Artwork by Nick β€˜Interchill’ Edell

Released July 29, 2022

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