Mindex “Membrain” EP out now. It bends minds.

Mindex has always had a flair for gradual evolution in sound design, but his newest collection of work firmly reminds us just how deep his rabbit hole goes. The Membrain EP boasts an ominous atmosphere drenched in meticulous audio experimentation. In addition to top-notch mix-down and mastering across the EP, the musical inflections and harmonies are indicative of a producer whoโ€™s as much focused on the intention of the music as he is on tearing through unsuspecting sound systems. The casual effervescence that was carried throughout his earlier catalog gives way for a sound that is far denser in its impact, and surprisingly visceral. The EP is being released through Time Resonance Music, owned and operated by Mindex himself. As with his previous release, the Eclipse EP, Threyda has partnered up with Mindex to release a physical, high-quality print of the mind-bending album artwork composed by frequent Mindex collaborator Archan Nair.

By The Rust
Album art matte and canvas prints are available via Threyda

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Mindex

Artwork by Archan Nair

Check the rest of Mindex’s discography here.

Released August 30, 2018

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