New album: CloZee’s Harmony Remixes

Following the major successes of her “Harmony” release, CloZee has assembled an eclectic cast of musicians to produce reimagined versions for “Harmony Remixes”. Due January 30th on Gravitas Recordings, the 12 track album casts broad strokes in the categorization of genres, instead focusing on an emotive, melodic vibe as the cohesive element. The diverse combination of acclaimed artists such as Bluetech, Sidecar Tommy (of Beats Antique), Tor, Axel Thesleff, Cloudchord, and David Starfire allow this LP to zigzag effortlessly from moody downtempo to uplifting future bass. An unmistakable velvety atmosphere apparent in all of CloZeeโ€™s music ties these unique offerings together, culminating in an undivided collection worthy of listen.

Released January 30, 2018

Mastering; John Burcham (Psymbionic)

Original Artwork by Lulu Swallow, remixed by Edamame


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