ReGen: Mose Remixes out now on Desert Trax

Re.Generations, an instant classic from Liquid Bloom, is the gift that keeps on giving. First AtYyA took on its lush instrumentation, then an all-star cast tackled the tracks for the Lucid Remixes. Now, Mose (fka Mose Robert), applies his unique deep tribal-house sensibilities to these nine compositions.

Mose has been producing and performing primarily in Central America, and has been experimenting with a wide range of tempos in his re-workings. Flitting in and out of the liminal space between ambient musings and pulsing, tribal house grooves, the rich textures and stunning majesty of songs like “Fire Gathering,” “Resonant Migration,” and “Jaguar Dreaming” are propelled into otherworldly realms drenched in organic elements and exotic, entrancing beats. Prepare to receive this new gift when it arrives in time for the Vernal Equinox on March 20th.

Released March 20, 2018

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