Somatoast’s ‘Creation is Creation’ Album ILLUSTRATED

Premiering “Creation is Creation” by Somatoast via @Gravitas Recordings; a philosophical inquiry into the alchemy of creativity. Inspired by nature, Somatoast makes use of the natural world to serve technical, musical purposes. Seeds pods make shakers and icicles are a percussive ensemble. This electro-acoustic fusion album paints aural soundscapes by utilising naturally found sounds, jazzy compositions, refined sound design and glitchy passages, while receiving remix treatments from artists such as Lapa, Edamame, Skysia and @Seb Taylor / Kaya Project / Hibernation.

Tracklist: 00:00:00 Somatoast – Kokoa 00:02:22 Somatoast – Tapping in Boyd Hill 00:05:29 Somatoast – Creation is Creation 00:10:57 Somatoast – Icicle 00:14:56 Somatoast – Dawn 00:16:48 Somatoast – Dawn (Kaya Project Remix) 00:21:40 Somatoast – Kokoa Hill (Skysia Remix) 00:26:20 Somatoast – Kokoa (Edamame Remix) 00:29:50 Somatoast – Tapping in Boyd Hill (Lapa Remix)

About Somatoast: Traversing a multi-instrumental voyage through wacky circus dance music, jazzy nuances and left-field sound design, Mark Rubin has sculpted his own signature blend of sophisticated dub and downtempo. Mark began his journey through music as a young child on the drum set. Piano soon followed, then guitar, bass and a full range of percussive instruments. By the time he was in high school, Mark was writing music on multiple instruments, producing his work as well as local bands. While studying digital media in college, Mark’s years of experimentation in the studio alchemized into fruition as Somatoast. The earliest performances of Somatoast could be found in Austin’s eclectic co-op parties and electronic music events. Mark became deeply inspired by Austin’s ever-evolving live music culture, circus performance artists, and the psychedelic renaissance he recognized was happening on a global scale.

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