SOOHAN releases 6th full-length project

Experimentation is nothing new to SOOHAN, and yet, the borders to his musical journey seemingly have no boundary.

Touching down with his sixth full-length project, SOO SOO STUDIO, Soohan further erases walls between genre and blurs lines between original compositions and sampled material, all while diving into new musical territory. Sounds from classic American pop music, house, Baltimore club, and drum and bass blend with Soohan’s distinct affinity for regional folk and dance music styles from around the world – a rededication to his mission of drawing the path from foreign to familiar.

At 13 tracks and just over an hour in running time, SOO SOO STUDIO marks Soohan’s most diversely-sourced work to date. Unfolding as a journey through an array of seemingly incongruous influences, the sounds come together with effortless style, leading the listener through a meandering rush of sounds, culminating in a euphoric finish. A must-hear experience for fans of polyrhythmic dance, club music, and rhythms from beyond the western world.

Mixing: David Szuchan, Michael Klicos
Mastering: Subvert Central Mastering
Artwork: Larry Cohen and Nate Gonzalez of The Moon Life

Album release date:

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