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Here’s the latest from experimental party-maestro bass-lord kLL sMTH out of Denver, CO. We’re sure he has even more new…

Get Some Glitch with the New Spundose EP

Spundose is back with ‘Envoy’; a truly alluring glitch-hop album with the ability transport listeners into a realm further out than we are. Spundose has us convinced he is a messenger for foreign-to-earth things that are created (or communicated) by layers of immaculate synthesizing. The sonic textures that bud from this New York native are funky, deep, beautiful; and undoubtedly perplexing.

Release June 5, 2018 by Street RItual

The Id: a feral and untamed mind that lives just below the surface of consciousness, an unruly little entity residing…

  90 BPM.  24 bit / 44.1 Released February 6, 2018 Artwork and Mastering – Levi Witt