Zebbler Encanti Experience releases ‘ID.ENTITY’

The Id: a feral and untamed mind that lives just below the surface of consciousness, an unruly little entity residing within. The Id represents our untempered instincts and heedless drive for gratification – it is the buried part of our subconscious that pulls the strings of temptation from its dark caverns below, forcing our waking mind to continuously acknowledge or deny its persistence.

In our psychedelic culture, ‘ego death’ is synonymous with the concept of shedding your defenses and meeting your innermost self, often portrayed as a blissfully purifying ritual. The glorification of transcendent bliss alone paints an incomplete picture, however. Perhaps the trance-inducing ululations of psychedelic art satisfy the ego, but have failed to truly convey the voices in the void. To take that deepest trip, to shed your skin and engage the path of transcendence, perhaps involves confronting the untamed Id as a conduit of self awareness.

Id.Entity is a body of work that boldly explores wildly mutating spectrums of dance music, detached from the forms and formalities of conscious psychedelic music. Wildly brutal absurdity and dissonance melt into luscious landscapes of harmonies and polyrhythms, strewn across an ever-evolving tapestry of emotional polarities. On this album, each track toys with themes of perception — you will experience an onslaught of musical personalities, a stream of textures and nuances flowing like unconscious thoughts and impulses just below the surface. You are the passenger, and this is a journey to an intangible center of an abyss, tuned and tailored to challenge your grasp of reality and control.

released June 5, 2018

Written, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Encanti
Visuals & Cover Art by Zebbler

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