5AM X Pluto Era – Lookout EP

5AM X Pluto Era – Lookout EP
East coasters doin’ electronic dance music right. Jazzy psychonaut vibes, abstractions for our eardrums. A big “dig it” from us.
We want more! We want more! Hopefully these two continue to collaborate because they are producing sweet music together.
We also dig the original writeup from their Bandcamp page:
In the space between the sands of time, there exists a field of groovy potentiality. These like-minded explorers have harnessed the quantum realm to inject sonic paint throughout the gaps, filling them with colorful, abstract sounds unique to their home planets, in order to regenerate the life-force of their new one. The journey has been long and the travelers are weary, but now that this transcendental object has been unleashed; look out.
Artwork by Beeple courtesy of his everydays project
Mastering by Ovoid

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