Eastern? Tribal? Asian? From Australia? It’s… A Magic Carpet Ride

This album is an adventure. Once you hit play, you get hit right back with global flavors, and you immediately get a feel for the fact that this album is going to be different. By track 2, you get thrown in-to some guttoral deep vibrations and you think, “oh man, we really took a dive with this one. Didn’t know we’d get so deep into global eclectic grooves, but here we are.” We might have landed for a while in the Himalayas or somewhere in Thailand where there’s still no internet, because the sounds we’re hearing are not sounds you hear at an Ariana Grande or even an STS9 concert. Just when we’re getting used to having  landed in this far-off place with no tech capabilities judging on the fact that there’s throat-singing, the album takes a turn to the Deep East, and we start to feel like we’re at some pretty important ceremonial battle… HOW DID WE END UP HERE?! Track 3 “The Stomping Dragon” takes us into some dark places, and we’re wondering how we even ended up here in the first place. What life decisions did we make to come to grips with the reality that we’re hearing future-ancient dragon battle war stomp music?!

We then ride deep into India to hear some trance-tribal bouncin’ beats with “Bhangra-step” and note that some familiar Indian samples in new combinations with a lot of energy create a song with a big room sound…. as in, “now THIS would be one solid stomp down if we could just hear it at a big party!! Who’s in?” as you proceed to twirl around your silky scarf and practice your Bollywood moves in your living room.

We’re not going to tell you all the secrets, but this album has a lot of tribal sounds and rhythmic gems that are as comfortable and eclectic as a carpet ride. We taste the flavors rich and brimming with cultural context, sounds from here and there thrown into the ethnic melting pot. We fill up and feel full upon first listen, maybe give a song or the whole album another go, then just like indulging on too much Chinese food on Christmas, after digesting it all we wish there were even more helpings. Yum.

Released December 6, 2018

All Tracks 1-4 Produced and Mixed by: Basher Toe (Chen Beer)
Track 5 Produced by Basher Toe & Baq and Mixed by Basher Toe
Mastering by Jordan Schultz
Cover Art by Renana Kol and Chen Beer

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