Glitchy global pie: Broken Blender’s ‘Broken Pieces’

New Broken Blender album called ‘Broken Pieces’ brings depth and a serious psy-dive into that global IDM sound and new funky beats. We totally understand why Broken Blender has chosen that name — mashing up, “glitching” and placing back sounds into a never-before-heard form. The result is a new piece of psybassy pie that is digestable and with unique flavor.

Plus, Ooooo WEE that first track is ???? We love these not-so-broken seven morsels that make up this album. Glad to see it!


Released February 10, 2022

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Gritzik Gennadiy.

Crushing vibration: Vocals by Zoe Sheen

Concept Cover Design, Promotion, Connection, Album Compilated by Kojo Alexander Green

Mastering by Mindex
Artwork & Logo by MantisVision Art & Design


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