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Mumukshu sends more drippy squish bass

We love the drippy and intense beats Mumukshu has always offered. Carving from hardcore bass design, he twists and maneuvers sounds and molds them into a clay note… still wet and freshly finished.


Instagram : www.instagram.com/jake.mumu
Spotify : open.spotify.com/artist/4EgFHTYlQrj3qExcGQqjV8
Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/mumukshu
Facebook : www.facebook.com/MumukshuMusic

Get Some Glitch with the New Spundose EP

Spundose is back with ‘Envoy’; a truly alluring glitch-hop album with the ability transport listeners into a realm further out than we are. Spundose has us convinced he is a messenger for foreign-to-earth things that are created (or communicated) by layers of immaculate synthesizing. The sonic textures that bud from this New York native are funky, deep, beautiful; and undoubtedly perplexing.


Release June 5, 2018 by Street RItual

A further step into the evolution into the folktronica sound, an interlacing of classic Celtic melodies with intricate frame drumming…

We’re pumped for the latest release from Philly-based 5AM, aka Sam Andrus, with Forge EP released today, (May 22nd, 2019).…

5AM X Pluto Era – Lookout EP   East coasters doin’ electronic dance music right. Jazzy psychonaut vibes, abstractions for…