CharlestheFirst releases new album, “The Ascent”

D/L Stream:ย

A veil of clouds separated the summit from base camp. I took one last look at the valley below, and we began the ascent into uncharted terrain.

Written / Mixed / Mastered / Artwork by CharlestheFirst (CTF soundcloud)

0:00 – Crossing the Threshold
4:27 – Breathe
8:24 – Wont Always Be
10:23 – Balance
13:09 – The Ascent
17:38 – Nightfall
21:20 – Into the Abyss (Interlude)
23:45 – Unseen (w Potions)
26:17 – South Face
29:45 – See You Again
33:12 – In Pieces

Lyrics on “Crossing the Threshold” written & performed by hawk.
Vocals on “Breathe” by hawk.
Vocals on “See you Again” by Sibel Yalin
Unseen Co-produced by Potions
Additional Vocals on “The Ascent” by Arya Fae

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