Cirqular (Mexico) + Sheyta – Mutual Resonance collab album

Mexico’s Cirqular (Demian Lara) is no stranger to Merkaba Music, but this time, he joins forces with a resident of Colorado, SHEYTA (Jackson Looman). They met in Denver and decided that the mysteries of existence in their eyes, needed to be reflected through notes and frequencies and this how it got manifested, not only with sound but philosophical concepts behind the names of each song are being studied by both pulling them out as bass music around 80 BPM as deep and loud as possible.
Cirqular was invited to open for Dave Tipper at Astral Valley (at Astral Lights) making a debut for thousands.
Released January 20, 2022

Written & Produced by Demian Lara & Jackson Looman

Guitars on Effortless Mind by Empath Eyes (Jeff Warnock)

Artwork by Sheyta & Sean Zenner (Denver CO)
Track 1 mastered by Nyquist
Tracks 2 – 5 mastered by Merkaba Mastering




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