Drumspyder and Temple Step Project remixes of Deya Dova’s “Isles of the Great Goddesses”

The 2nd remixes from the Planetary Grid Music Collection! Originally recorded live inside the 5,400 year old stone circle, Standing Stones of Stenness, Orkney Islands Scotland. Now remixed by 2 favourites from the international conscious dance floor movement – Drumspyder & Temple Step Project!

Californian based producer DRUMSPYDER weaves his magical drum wizardry, signature deep bass and celtic melodies into an enchanting, upbeat renaissance vibe, folktronica dance mix. Whilst Australian sonic alchemist TEMPLE STEP PROJECT drops a powerful, super sensory and emotive downtempo bass invocation to elevate the global danceย floor.

Their resonance with the Scottish lands from where this song was originally recorded is beautifully woven into their productions. And weโ€™re excited how they have translated the deep Earth connection and Ancestral frequencies into new realms for the conscious dance floor.

I recorded the original song Isles of the Great Goddess in total awe, in the mystical light of dawn, inside the great stone circle. Inside the ancient Earth navel that tethers the Land to the Stars. The vision I received as I sung was of a shamanic, matristic land devoted to the celebration and reverence of Creation – As I sing I feel the Women. The presence of the Divine Sacred Feminine. The Shamanin. The vocal that flows forth is filled with the sacred flame of the ancient Goddess herself. As I sing, I see, these are the temples of the Great Goddess Tradition.

Isles of the Great Goddess is from album 12 of the Planetary Grid Music Collection

Released August 5, 2022

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