Dubnotic – Neurogenesis LP w/Subroot, EMOG, Spaceship Earth

Visionary Shamanics is happy to present the 5th psydub/psybass album from Macedonian artist DUBNOTIC. Initiating a neurogenic journey to go through eclectic dubtronica.


Timescape dreams that surface in a conscious guide
As photon beams augment the seams transmitters must abide
A vortex of spiralled rings entangling’s of worlds collide
The convex spatial vacuuming’s, synaptic points electrified
Complex oracle valuations weight choices to decide
Diversity of neurons forming newly in the psychedelic vibe
Navigating hyperdimensional cyberspace to levitate and fly

Released June 3, 2022

Visionary Art – MARTIN HAWK
Mastering – SUBROOT
Shamanic Poetry – MYSTICAL VOYAGER

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