Entheogenic’s 12th album Hypatia gets us psychilled

Sharing some June #psychill for the weekend, courtesy of UK’s Entheogenic.

Enjoy the dive into lush sounds on his 12th studio album. From the album description:

“Demeter seals all that we have seen and heard by her own peculiar utterance and signals, by vivid coruscations of light, and cloud piled upon cloud… And then finally, the light of serene wonder fills the temple and we see the pure fields of Elysium and hear their chorus. Then, not merely by external seeming or philosophic interpretation, but in real fact does the Hierophant becomes the creator and revealer of all things.”

All tracks written & recorded by Piers Oak-Rhind

Mastering by Glenn Schick www.gsmastering.com

Graphics by Hakan Hisim hakanhisim.net

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