EVERLASTING (10th Anniversary Edition)

EVERLASTING (10th Anniversary Edition)

Well, looking back, we never thought we’d see it. Tipper and GAUDI with Trentemoller, The Orb, Mad Professor, Pitch Black, and Bird of Prey along with other dub artists, on the same album. But turns out this one was from 2012, and it seems that no one (at least that I know of) has heard of this comp album…. but, it exists! With 21 songs, in fact.

You know, for around a month here, we thought Beauty in the Beats was gone. The web hosting platform didn’t give notice of account deletion and we hadn’t paid web hosting in the middle of the holiday season (between November and December, must have gotten buried in the email to-dos) so the site was down for about a month. Well, thought all was lost and the international web hosting agent on chat said well good luck, there’s not a good chance of a backup, we sent a notice that it might happen. (Yeah, might, but no email alert that it will or HEY THE WHOLE SITE DATA IS GOING TO GET DELETED ON THIS DAY). But, you’re reading this because another tech guy found a backup from December. 

Anyway. Back to keep on posting good music despite no social media engagement, which really takes the wind out of the sails. With a 2% reach and 0-4% of that “liking” a Facebook post, it seems pointless, but we (and by we, I mean me and myself) do it for the love, and to help some of these albums reach a “great” audience in perpetuity. And by greater we mean one. We mean you.

More about the compilation album, over a decade later:  EVERLASTING was released back in 2012 on a double digipak CD by Iboga Records

Iboga Records kicks off 2012 with Everlasting, the brand new 2CD compilation selected and mixed by leading light on the international dub and bass scene Gaudi, featuring a selection of largely new and unreleased tracks from an array of artists who have defined their genre. The impressive tracklisting includes The Orb, System 7, Trentemøller, Lamb, Eat Static, Shpongle, Mad Professor, Tipper, Alan Parsons alongside productions from Gaudi himself, put simply, this is two-hours of sonic perfection.

With a broad musical style fusing together Dub and Electronica with a serious injection of bass Gaudi is rarely off the playlists and is constantly touring the globe often playing to crowds of thousands at the biggest and best festivals in the world. No newcomer, he has been stretching the boundaries of music since the start of his career in the Eighties, in which time has had 12 solo album, over 250 productions and more than 90 remixes making him one of the most respected artists in his scene.

Established and hugely respected Danish Imprint Iboga Records goal with the compilation was to present an original and timeless collection of tracks from some of the most talented artists the scene has to offer. Who better then to get compile the release than Gaudi – who with the release has once again proved his credentials as a skilled man of music whilst most importantly addressing the two major elements of a successful compilation – the names and the vision of the listening experience – without compromising one or the other.

Released December 15, 2012. Selected and mixed by Gaudi

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