Kaya Project 2020 Remixes: The Heavy Hitters

With full comp releases like this from Kaya Project comprised of dozens of artists on THE HEAVY HITTERS, we are reminded that there is still much beauty and sweetness in the world.

Dive into (and for some, it might be revisiting) 20 of the heaviest,bassiest, whompiest Kaya Project Remixes in one collection includes remixes by Opiuo, SOOHAN, David Starfire, TRIBONE, Liquid Stranger, Grouch, Nasha Experience, Akov, Cooh, Zen Baboon, & more.

Ranging from: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Halftime, & Other Sub-Shaking Bass naughtiness. Kaya Project Logo Designed by Nick Edell (Interchill) KP Mandalas by Mona Witkow. Cover Layout by Seb Taylor.ย  Released December 18, 2020

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