Lush and tribal worldbeats from Nicola Cruz

New lush beats from Ecuadorian house producer Nicola Cruz, released January 25th. Dozens of musical collaborators on this one, and we’re loving all the instruments and rhythmic compositions. No heavy bass here! Always enjoy trying something a bit different. We’re digging the floral and tribal, tasteful rhythms and atmosphere he sets throughout the album.

From the album description: An interest in ancestral Latin American cosmology has always run right through the music of Ecuadorian music producer Nicola Cruz. His creative process involves an attentive, careful search for the living roots and rituals that are part of South American identity—its Andean and African origins in particular—valuing its rhythms, its oral traditions, its instruments and the energy they transmit. His first record, Prender el Alma (2015) explored the development of the consciousness and spirituality, and how they connect with music. In Siku, his most recent production, Cruz continues this exploration, expanding his vision towards new stories and other cultures as sources of inspiration. A crucial aspect on this journey is his collaboration with other artists from around the world.

A escuchar! DISFRUTA.

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