New Psybass Artist Feature: Fletric (Serbia)

We love new artist discoveries! Who is Fletric? Fletric is Serbian-based producer and visual effects artist Sinisa Culic, and we want to know more! We have already rinsed “Everything That Lives” three times and can properly recommend it for your ears. It has been refreshing to hear new quality psybass and psybreaks, and this album that dropped yesterday on Hedflux‘s label Luminus Music has given us that warmth. We love the ethereal and mystical content set to heavy beats, female vocals sparsed throughout, with quality sound design and vision for each song! It ranges from Tribone-reminiscent intensity (#4 – Mystic Land) to half-time and a lighter feel at the end. For psybass fans, it’s a must-listen.

From the album’s bandcamp page, more info about Fletric:ย  Fletric is the main music project of Serbian DJ, Producer and Visual Effects artist Sinisa Culic.

He first started releasing music in 2010 and followed up with a series of excellent Psybreaks records, lighting up dance floors with a fresh, progressive and uplifting sound.

“Everything That Lives” is his debut album on Luminus Music (Hedflux), nine skillfully produced tracks exploring a range of tempos and rhythmic structures, fusing his love of breaks, drum & bass and psychedelic trance into a potent musical journey, rich in sonic detail and brimming with positive dance floor energy.

His new album “Everything That Lives” was released August 24, 2020.

All tracks are produced by Sinisa Culic. Cover artwork also by Sinisa Culic!

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