New Middle Eastern Boogies out on Merkaba Music

« Sabir » is the new EP of Kino Doscun, in collaboration with the instrumentalist and composer Youthie on flute, trumpet and accordion.

This album is based on improvisations with Middle Eastern Dub/Fusion grooves, establishing a dialogue between two musical approaches, programmed electronic music, and instrumental improvisation.

The name “Sabir” came from here, it originally means a basic language created in the Mediterranean, by people from different countries to communicate.

Released December 16, 2021

Mastering: Shawn Hatfield @ Audible Oddities
Cover Art: Iris Coskun Cox

Dino Coskun (Kino Doscun) : Production, târ, saz, oud, viola da gamba
Juliette Bourdeix (Youthie) : Flute, trumpet, accordion




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