Too many goodies to list! We’re thrilled to dive into this epic release full of masters and visionaries. Some favorites on here who have ALSO been busy this past year, releasing their own full length albums (see: Bumble, Somatoast, Mindex), and some great names worthy of inclusion on this album making a fresh appearance (Pathwey, Sleepy Koala, Wolf Tech, and more). Leaders in psybass and psy-fusion and some global bass greats on this one, we can’t wait for a listen.

Official writeup: Shanti Planti’s 2019 compilation, Rhythm Code IIII, is a chimerical showcase of the dark, edgy, and hallucinatory dimensions of the psychedelic bass realm. Inviting listeners in with a warm embrace before funneling them through an increasingly twisted series of sonic corridors and landscapes, the collection delves into the depths of earth­-shattering halftime, radical psychedelic glitch, seductive dub, and dreamy downtempo. A cinematic tour of sound that pushes the fringes of high-­tech psychedelia to new frontiers, Rhythm Code IIII offers a lucid glimpse into the convergent potential of the human collective as viewed through the eyes of Shanti Planti’s global network of musical visionaries.

Released March 15, 2019

Artwork by: Quanta
Mastering by: Slava Mindex
Description by: SoundScrybe

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