Whitebear gives us “The Odyssey Pt. I”

Whitebear returns to the fray with his latest release, a 5 track EP that takes listeners deeper into the evolution of his sound.

Largely inspired by an Inuit myth called “Skeleton Woman”, “The Odyssey Pt. I” is the first chapter in a two part series that depicts a visceral story of loss and the journey within, plunging heart first into the watery depths of the human psyche.

Haunting melodies and mind bending sound design ripple throughout this meticulously crafted sonic tundra as bone rattling basslines rift through your core.

“The Odyssey Pt. I” has found its home on Enig’matik Records, the label that gave him his first break back in 2011 with his debut EP, “Inanimate Incarnate”. With this release, Whitebear has come full circle, and is proud to present his latest explorations in the manipulation of emotion and sound.

Released August 31, 2018

Produced by Whitebear | whitebearmusic.net

Mastered by Ion Driver
Art by Rhett Dashwood

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