46 Psybass Tracks! on Visionary Worlds 3

Visionary Shamanics is happy to present another epic psychedelically downtempo psydub shamanic psybass tribal multicultural ethnic trip in VISIONARY WORLDS 3

Infinite wonders beheld by the finite eye
Just for a moment one moment being
A lifetime of wonderment and of endless sight
Your eternal soul the fire lighting internal caverns
Oracles of peace and prophesy will discern
That we are all mystic visionaries if we chose to be
Ritual dances help us perceive directly the mystery
Riding immortality is our actuality of vitality
Always at the seat of profound infinity
Guided through these realms to inner divinity

Released October 1, 2019

Visionary Art – MARTIN HAWK
Mastering – DIGITALX
Shamanic Poetry and Compiled by MYSTICAL VOYAGER – UK

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