5 Brisbane producers stomping in the forest

Visionary Shamanics is happy to present Forest Stomp Remixed:
A five producer showcase from the epic friends of Cosmoganic, some of the finest bass music producers of the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane regions, Australia.

First up we have Aqui, all round legend, connoisseur of wacky beats & mastermind behind the iconic HEX sound system, our local, “all natural wood” rig. Ritchie has put a super unique angle on “Forest Stomp” which sounds like the same track is being experienced perhaps from an alternative state of consciousness..

Next we have Rohan at Zero Theory with an addictive psybass take on “Yoda’s Garden”, featuring a cheeky appearance from Yoda himself, Rohan is a musical Jedi and long time buddy in the Sunshine Coast Roots music band scene.

Drew Id, dub/steppers king & guitarist/synth/dub tweaker in the legendary reggae band Kingfisha’ enters the release with a dubbed out, pulse rich version of “Twist & Sprout”, a true audio delight to get yourself lost in’ midway though the journey.

Kyle at Dystracted steps in with his heavyweight version of “Blazing Trails”, solid, playful & ready to shake the dance floor, Kyle with his fellow accomplice Jimmy know how to make a party get down &  more

Released April 23, 2022

Visionary Art, Mastering & text – COSMOGANIC

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