Arcturus ‘Templates’

Arcturus ‘Templates’

Templates is the debut album of the California based, Merkaba Music label producer “Arcturus”. Templates is a living breathing energetic template of evolving timelines. These works begin the journey for Arcturus and will forever be remembered. The album oscillates between elements of Psy-Bass, Psybient, and downtempo with melodies and instruments from all over the world. Seven Tracks in total were chosen to symbolize the alchemical process, often referred to as the heroes journey.

Every song is specifically tuned, to fit the key it was written in, and specifically the first 3 songs are tuned to the OM C# according to the work of Hans Cusco who wrote the book “The Cosmic Octave”. The rest are tuned accordingly to what fit the key it was written in. May these sounds provide an energetic template to resonate healing, passion, and love to the multiverse and to all beings.

Released September 3, 2020

All songs written, produced, and mixed by Daniel Kaplan “Arcturus”. Cover art is by Hakan Hisim.

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