Drop in for a listen to Droplitz (Denver) with PYRO (SIDE A + SIDE B)

There is a lot to dive into with Droplitz! He has some new firey singles out this summer and we are revisiting both albums of his from earlier in the year — PYRO – Sides A and B.
Pyro” abbreviation for “Pyromaniac” represents the “fire” dubs of this album. Completely focus on dubstep, DROPLITZ reveals his take on classic deep dub, psy dub, heavy and melodic dubstep, PYRO pays homage to the many dubstep pioneers.
Eleven sons complete with alien sounds, liquid compositions, memorable atmospheres, rich melodics combined with tectonic basses and seismic percussion, PYRO offers the listener the first half of a concept album through all that is dubstep. Seasoned dubheads will love the wubs, new age bass music fans will be surprised by the use of sounds they might be used to, but used a unique way.
Side A of PYRO reveals a heavier side of the DROPLITZ project. Side B will be nothing less of epic Feb. 28th, 2022. With the complete release of this double LP. This will conclude a full six months of album releases for DROPLITZ. Each album is centered on a different genre and each release is a concept album, meaning they can be played from beginning to end to represent a journey to the listener.
Released January 31, 2022

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