Merkaba Music Gives Us 100th Compilation Album, Showcasing Its Artists

Released January 3, 2019, also the perihelion of the year — when the sun and the moon are closest together, a mind-blowing 3 million miles from when the sun and moon are farthest apart in July — Merkaba Music gives us a celebratory 100th compilation album. The massive album showcases the talent and diversity amongst sound artists that are (and have been) associated with the forward-thinking music label.

“A stunning comp of 40 songs that spans most of the labels’ vibes….. ”

We now have new songs and new takes on old favorites from not only the organizer and man himself Kalya Scintilla, but from wonderful artists like Beatroots, Halfred, Tribone, Master Minded, Mindex, Sigil, ElectrowaveZ and more. Included are both remixes and original tracks that are sure to be a treat for more days to come past January 3rd.

We can’t wait for the dive and hope it’s a revisit for months and years to come.

Thanks, Merkaba Music, for what you bring to the music scene! Enjoy the dive, folks, we’re got on our suit and we’re ready to jump in.

Mastering by Audible Oddities

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