Sometimes you just need new psybass.

…Because sometimes, you need new midtempo psybass in your life.

Mystral comes through in 2020 with his 5th Merkaba Music release, Dryft! This 7 track album is the biggest and most diverse yet, brandishing all his influences from Trap, Dub, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Bass Music, while tying it all together with an Original and Psychedelic sound design.
Starting in more of the Trap and World-Beat styles, Dryft evolves over the course of the album into more Psychedelic avenues, and eventually morphing into more Funky and Driving Break-Beats. It’s a sonic journey that hopefully has something for every fan of Psychedelic and music, and continues an organic evolution of the Psybass Pioneer.
Released March 12, 2020

Written and composed by Mystral

Mastering: Ascended Mastering
Cover: Mystral

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