New Kaya Project album: Defiance

Musical Performances by:

Seb Taylor (Guitars, Percussion, Duduk, Zheng, Zithers)
Irina Mikhailova (Vocals)
Fatima Gozlan (Ney Flute, Kaval, Fujara)
Pooja Tiwari (Vocals)
Kartik Raghunathan (Violin)
Aref Durvesh (Tabla)
Deepak Pandit (Violin)
Sabiha Khan (Vocals)
Natasha Taylor (Vocals)
Lorenzo Mantovani (Saranghi)
Matt Coldrick (Guitar & Vocals on Ram Cycle Remix)
Aarti Jadu (Backing Vocals on Ram Cycle Revisited)

Art: ‘Revolution’ by Inkblot (Nadia Van Kampen)
Graphic Design & Layout: Nick Edell (Aka Nick Interchill)
Masteriing: Torin Goodnight (Ascended Mastering)

Also included is a 1hr Continuous Mix comprised of all the album tracks plus all of the ‘Lockdown Singles’ (ie. Zheng ’21, Any Silver Lining, The Child Within, Souls Entwined)

The Original Track ‘Ram Cycle’ is from The Quiet Earth by Matt Coldrick & Aarti Jadu.

Released April 29, 2022

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