Philly’s Pluto Era: Proto Human EP

Proto Human EP is the result of Philly-based Dan Getz, who has been touring the country with some sweet gigs as of late, including Chicago’ Catacomb Culture Spring show at Reggie’s downtown, in the loop. He had a collab track released on Wormhole Music earlier this month, with ABSTRACKER called SLY GHOST.Β  He has made massive strides with his music this year and is dedicated to good sound design and composition. Here’s a 2017 review from Lost in Sound about an exclusive mix he released for them LAST Spring before a March-April tour from Portland OR to Portland ME.

Proto Human EP isΒ  released March 23rd, 2019 on all platforms.

1. Sleep Delete
2. Dry Socket
3. Grotter VIP
4. Foolish Immortal

Artwork: Cyberart By Justin
Mastering by Jade Cicada

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