Sacred Bass Sessions Vol. 2 by Visionary Shamanics

Visionary Shamanics Records & Cosmic Touch have invited some of the most tantalizing rising stars and established sonic wizards in the Psyglitch and PsyDub world to take part in Sacred Bass Sessions Volume 2. This chapter takes us to the heart of a glitchy rainforest for a tribal journey drenched in organic layers and squishy goodness.


Enter this organically textured sacred bass journey
Let the psychedelic frequencies weave pure intentions to relax
Branches continue to dance among the endless skies above
Waterfalls abound in this tropical paradise below enough
Tall trees whispering A galaxy of rainbow colors and creatures lurking
Seeds of mind the beautiful and mysterious rainforest contact
Powerful wind a strong moving spirit that travels working
Purifying rain which would often pass this rainforest drift
Wind will flow through this galaxy and dedicate a small gift
Transference for the gift of life working with the rain
Mighty winds will create wonderful things in play
Spirit beings lurking in many shadow spaces have relevance
Mystical having unique phoenix powers rising in transcendance

Released August 2, 2019

Mastered By: DIGITALX
Covert Art By: MARTIN HAWK
Shamanic Poetry By: MYSTICAL VOYAGER
Compiled By: COSMIC TOUCH (Finland)

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