‘Spiral Roots’ psydub compiled by Indra

Spiral Roots is a connection between organic sounds and mystical vibes. Roots connecting us with our home – Earth, spirals with higher dimensions, trough artists using elements of ancient music for channeling the songs that transcends time and fuses with highly intelligent electronic music production. It’s telling us a story that brings us closer to the reality of our ancestors and plant intelligence, as well as divine spark in all of creation. These squishy organic masterpieces put their listeners into a trance state of mind by combining the very best of ancient and contemporary. Amazing soundscapes of faraway lands, jungles and animals mixed with groovy beats, intelligent glitchy FX and lots of melodies that form bridge between “then” and “now”. Traveling through the hallucinatory layers of mystic and psychedelic organic dub sounds, this compilation brings us on a path of organic bridge created between the roots of the Earth and our existence

Compiled by: DJane Indra
Artwork by: Chillymanjaro
Mastering by: Sonic Crime (Nick Pilouris) @ ESAD Music Studio, Greece
Description by: Klaada, multiinstrumentalist

Released March 21, 2019

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