Throwback: Wildlight’s “The Tide” remixes

We just can’t pick a favorite track on this album from late 2016’s Wildlight “The Tide” remixes. The beautiful vocal stems from Ayla Nereo are reorganized into various counts of beauty ranging from downtempo and soft to bouncy beats with the first track with complex layers of violin and vocals on “Rain” from Clozee, a long psybass-inspired Kaminanda track where you can hear some of his electric guitar skills along with Latin American flairs later in the tune. Under-the-radar artist Uji provides us with an introspective echoes with “I Could Write” that goes into foot-tapping rhythms, and we’re led into more deep tracks from Sol Rising and Living Light, followed by hand-drum deep-rhythm master Drumspyder coming in on track 9 with a “From the Ground Up” integrating some Middle Eastern exotic sounds. Subaqueous tunes a downtempo and soothing sound that allows the natural acoustics of the original to individually shine. Erothyme takes it back down a notch and adds talk-box reverb that is often signature to his sound toward the end of the 13-track album. We jump back into a club-like atmosphere with a new artist discovery in Bugler, and end the album with an epic and sweet uplifting remix bringing out Ayla’s sweet chords with Makhana’s “Ours to Give”, where we’re also digging the integration of tabla backed by some foot drum pedaling. Released December 2, 2016.

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